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Accommodation in Haifa - B&B in the heart of magical Carmel mount Haifa
Apartment for short periods, option of renting rooms in Haifa

If you have tried to look for a vacation apartment in Haifa, you must have found yourself at lost with the abundance. Cheap room rentals and high-end luxury apartments, all mingle in a long list of vacation flats, and the prices may keep you confused. Carmel Rose Vacation Apartment will be the perfect choice...Read More

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Carmel rose Vacation Apartments in Haifa, Accommodation in Haifa
B & B in the heart of magical Carmel mount in Haifa Apartments for short periods
option of renting rooms in Haifa.

A comfortable and quiet vacation apartment in the heart of the magical Carmel mount Haifa

Like so many cities around the world, The Israeli city of Haifa has also been through the Airbnb revolution, or should I say still is going through it, and with an ever growing crowed of students and business man arriving each year, not to mention it is now a prime relocation destiny for high-tech employees from all over the world, the lookout for hotels and apartments in Haifa is growing tighter and tighter.

If you have tried to look for a vacation apartment in Haifa, you must have found yourself at lost with the abundance. Cheap room rentals and high-end luxury apartments, all mingle in a long list of vacation flats, and the prices may keep you confused.

As this city is still waking up to the modern-day travel atmosphere, with smart phones and quick access to just about anything, local home-owners are not yet there when it comes to prices and competition. While in cities such as New York, Berlin and Tel Aviv, where you will usually work the simplest equation - Higher price = Higher Value, in Haifa vacation apartments one must still take his time to look out and about and check each location from scratch.

Hotels in Haifa are Empty - People Vote With Their Credit Cards

Hotel prices went down in Haifa, a strange phenomena in a touristic city, as most touristic cities in the world keep a steady price-line for hotel rooms even with the Airbnb phenomenon, including other big touristic locations in Israel such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and even Natanya.

Yet, this is just a local phenomenon, maybe pointing to the fact that Haifa, with its beautiful hanging gardens, large sea strip, restaurants, hotels, parks and museums, is still not the hottest touristic location to be found,

Hotels in Haifa are not different then hotels all over the world, and the prices are determined by a wide variety of reasons including expert opinion and the basic needs of the hotel - to support its business goals and sometimes just to survive through the seasons.

on the other hand, the Haifa vacation apartment market is changing with trends, as apartment owners are not always business savvy, nor business oriented, using Airbnb as an extra income channel, changing as the wind blows. Not the kind of competition a hotel owner would like to have.

The Economic Solution - The Chosen Solution

Other than a small group of very specific travelers, the vast majority tend to go with the best value their money can get, while "Best" is often a sub-division of "cheapest".

When it comes to vacation apartments in Haifa, it doesn't come cheaper than that, and for many travelers hotels have gone out of the scope, not even an option to check.

An example for Best Value for an apartment would be this beautifully decorated 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Haifa, with prices that match any wallet, every amenity you might need, an incredible view, and a nice owner that reflects the way business are nowadays for the Haifa Airbnb home owner.

We will love to see you,

Galit and Doron

Tourist Board Haifa Certificate

An official certificate from the Tourist Board Haifa for Carmel Rose -

vacation apartment, B & B accommodation in Haifa.

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Haifa Accommodation

Not only Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Haifa, Israels' 3rd largest city is a very popular tourism spot

Beaches, active nightlife, long history, popular Christian sights, the Bahai gardens are only a part of the growing list of Haifa tourist attractions that pushed the demand for accommodation in Haifa to where it is today.

A city that enjoys a boost in both foreign and local investment, apartments are being bought to accommodate the growing demand for both short and long term accommodation solutions, from (very) small student apartments for exchange students and relocation, through well equipped airbnb style apartments and all the way to luxurious Villas in trendy neighborhoods, all t

Finding your spot amidst the hectic supply and demand of the city could be a hassle, but this specific cozy apartment is a simple, attractive and reasonably priced solution.

Haifa Accommodation Made Easy

Unless it is taken, you will most likely love this apartment which is fully equipped with all the necessary utilities. Great design, easy to access and comfortable to live in, this Haifa accommodation solution is suitable for everyone, as the price range is affordable yet the quality is remarkable, and the location is superb.

A quick 30 minutes away from the Bahai Gardens, one of Haifas' main attractions (and for all the right reasons), 15 minutes walk from the Haifa Zoo, 10 minutes walk from the Cinematek of Haifa, and another 30 minutes from the local Surf Club, this Haifh apartment couldn't possibly have a better location.

Short term rental or a long stay, this Haifa accommodation is a choice to consider, with family like service atmosphere - and immediate answer to any request or question the guests might have, managed directly by the lovely owner who gives his full attention to his guests, according to the local rules of hospitality.

Overseas studies or relocation to Haifa?

For students who are coming for the Haifa University or the Technion overseas studies programs and exchange student programs who are looking for a simple and comfortable accommodation solution in Haifa, this is the place to go.

Easy public transportation will take you to the Technion of Haifa within less than 30 minutes, and only a few more minutes will put you in the Haifa University, on Mount Carmel.

This point on the Haifa map is easy to locate, easy to get to, and easy to navigate from, making it a prime locations for new visits, for those of you who arrive to Haifa for the first time. Those who arrive for the second and third already know your way around Haifa accommodations and can appreciate this prime home away from home.


Vacation Apartment in Haifa

Carmel Rose - Accommodation in Haifa


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